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Check out the different common names, strain types, medicinal affects and medical conditions below. This information was gathered through scientific journals, patient experiences, as well as cannabis books like the " Big Book Of Buds"  and "Cannabible" volumes. We are not responsible for undesired affects. Consult your physician for final approval. Our info is to be used as a guide. Also inquire about our Grow and Tutoring Service. Thank you.


Strain Type

Medicinal Effects

Medical Condition

Strong Indica

Pain Relief, Relieves insomnia, Calming, Appetite,  Anti-Anxiety

Cancer, Aids, High Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Pain, Gout, Fibromyalgia


Relaxing, Moderate Pain Relief, Soothes Anxiety symptoms

Mild Anxiety, Stomach Ailments, Insomnia, Appetite

Indica Dominant

Some pain relief, Mildly awake, moderate anti Anxiety

Mild Pain,Slight  Insomnia, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Bi Polar, Chemo

Strong Sativa

Uplifting, Motivating, Brainy, Euphoric, Anti Depressant

Chronic Migraines, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis


Awake, Busy, Mind Clearing, Happy, Up beat

Mild Depression, Stomach Ailments, Mild MS, Appetite

Sativa Dominant

Mildly uplifting, Moderately relaxing, Migraine relief,

Some depression, Stomach Ailments, MS symptoms, Appetite

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